Mar 08 2014

New items coming soon!

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We have new items coming to the website soon and here are few samples that I just can’t wait to share.


Beautiful work by Christine McKay.

A little side note about her work…I have two coffee mugs by her and they are my absolute favorites.  The detail, the color, and the way they fit my hand makes me reach for them before any other mug in the cupboard.


Leaf Leather purses…isn’t the blue color of this one stunning?


Dragonfly Tiffany replica stained glass lamp by MJ.

The amount of work that goes into her lamps is absolutely amazing.  She carefully cuts each and every piece from sheets of hand rolled glass and then puts the masterpiece together.  When the light is turned one, the colors in the glass come to life.

There is much more to come, so be watching and we’ll try to have them up within the week.

Feb 08 2014

We Are Open

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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away!  Come see us to find a little something special for the Valentine in your life.  We’re open Wednesday through Sunday and we have lots to choose from.  Perhaps a beautiful Leaf Leather coin purse?


Or a fun bracelet?


You could even pick up a gift certificate so your loved one could come in and choose for themselves.  Our ladies have been hard at work rearranging and bringing a fresh look to the store.  Come see us!


Jan 12 2014

Stop and look around

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Do you ever find yourself going through life with your head down?   I sometimes find myself just moving from one task to another and I forget to stop, look up, and look around.


In our community there are lots of talented people who, judging by their pictures, always have their heads up, their eyes open, and their camera ready.  I aim to be more like these folks.  So far I’ve shared pictures taken by Dan Carter, Rosanna Morris, and of course on the main home page are terrific pictures by Ray Lee.


Today is a new found talent – Rick Ferrin.  Due to his work, Rick is out and about all the time and has captured some amazing pictures of the local wildlife.  Just take a look.


9-23-09 702

See how dark and muddy he is on his tummy and legs?  I bet this was on a hot day in the late summer and he found a cool muddy spot to “chill” for while.


This big boy looks like he’s posing for the camera…he knows he’s good lookin.

glacier 072

Speaking of big boys….

Swans 108

Of course you don’t have to have antlers or horns to be striking.

These are just a sampling of what Rick has shared with me and I’ll be sure to share more.  If anyone has an interest in pictures from Rick, please contact us at L&L.  I think one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to stop more often, just to look around.

glacier 401

Did someone say something about stopping to look around?

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