Dec 24 2017

Merry Christmas… class C style ;)

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Merry Christmas everyone!  This is such a fun time of year filled with family, friends, and of course school Christmas programs.  I have to say that our little class C school knows how to put on a show.  Each year practically the whole town shows up, wether they have kids in school or not, and many are dressed in their holiday best.  Of course this is a ranching town, so there are definitely some muck boots and jeans scattered about, which is great too.   🙂


I think this was my favorite outfit of the night.  I love how her dress matched her trumpet, and who doesn’t love Converse sneakers?


First shout out goes to Ms. G and the art program.  All of the decorations and background for the stage are coordinated by her and her classes.  Second shout out goes to Mrs. Ford, our music teacher.  She has arranged performances that range from big and small groups playing instruments to kids of all ages singing and dancing, and this year there was even a little beat boxing!

This little cutie couldn’t help but sing and dance as she watched from the stands.

One of the things that makes a small town program so special is that little ones and older kids all combine together for the show.  In the final song of the night we had the elementary kids singing and halfway through the song the started waiving and encouraging all the big kids to join them onstage to sing together.  I just loved it.  Well done Augusta School!


Dec 06 2017

Perfect start to the holiday season

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The Christmas Rendezvous this past Sunday in Augusta was absolutely the best way to kick off the Christmas season.  I love how our small town all comes together to make it such a special day.  Many people began their day by picking out a Christmas tree.  We have a small, but mighty 4-H club that does a fantastic job of finding beautiful trees to sell each year.


Mosey on down the street and you found us at Latigo!  We have lots of wonderful Montana made gifts that are certain to make any recipient very happy.  These cute gals found some fantastic Christmas cards by Montana artist Connie Herberg.  (Pssst…the gal on the right is Cathy Dombrovske who is a super talented potter who lives right here in Augusta!)


Our little town is blessed to have the Bunkhouse Inn.  This business was originally opened in 1912 and is currently in the process of being restored by its new owners.  This is such a charming place that I couldn’t resist sharing some pictures.  The just finished restoring the floors on the ground floor of the building…aren’t they gorgeous!!


Our youth/senior center was packed with vendors!  You could find anything – handmade gloves, soap, leather works, crafts, pottery….I could go on and on!  Everyone gets involved with the Rendezvous each year, even our high school students.


The day finished with our Festival of Trees.  If you didn’t find a tree at the tree lot this morning, well then you were able to buy one all decorated and ready to go here!  The proceeds went to a great cause.  This year’s Festival of Trees was held at a new business that is in the process of opening in Augusta.  Our old General Mercantile building is being restored by a terrific family who is bringing an antique business to town, and the whole community was so excited to get to finally see inside.


This was an amazing day from start to finish.  Just another reminder of how special our little town of Augusta is.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Nov 27 2017

Latigo Loves You Success!

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Small Business Saturday was such a fun fun day this year!  It is very special for us to see all our friends and shower them with appreciation in the form of discounts.  I can’t thank you all enough for being so good to our little store and all the artists we represent. At the end of the day, I estimate that at least three dozen different artists were benefited by the sales we had at our Latigo Loves You event.  That is amazing!  Here are a few of our sweetest shoppers of the day.







Thanks again to everyone!

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