Nov 16 2013

Latigo loves you!

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It’s time to celebrate!  November 30th is Small Business Saturday and we are dedicating this day to you.  In appreciation to all our wonderful customers,  we are giving away prizes throughout the day and we’ll give you the ability to choose one item that you’d like to have for 10% off.  This item can be a $50 piece of beautiful pottery, or an amazing $5000 painting.  The choice is yours!  Also, all fur jackets and vests will be 15% off this one special day only.

Picture 1

As you get a head start on your Christmas shopping, we’ll fill your belly with wonderful goodies and warm yummy drinks.   The fun will last all day from 10:00am to 5:30pm.  We hope to see you and thank you for your business.  Latigo loves you!


Nov 06 2013

And so it begins

Posted by Latigo & Lace in General

Last week our first snow of the season arrived.  As the storm came and went, it took with it the beautiful fall colors.  I wish they could have lasted just a bit longer.

Even though winter has not technically arrived, it sure feels as though it’s here.  And so it begins – starting your car 15 minutes before you leave so it can warm up, never leaving the house without gloves, checking the weather and road reports on a consistent basis, and always having your mop on hand to clean up the mud room.  Light gray tile and white walls in a mud room…what was I thinking?

Here is a beautiful picture from Rosanna Morris.  Rosanna is one of those talented people who not only can capture beauty with her camera, but can also create some very beautiful things.  This picture shows the time of year I’ll be longing for over the next several long winter months –  spring in Montana with bright green grass and the last of the snow soon to melt in the mountains.  Stay warm my friends!


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