Dec 22 2013

Are we going to hibernate this winter?

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It has been a fun holiday season so far at Latigo & Lace.  It has been great getting to see everyone and lots of you have had the same two questions for us.


1) Are you going to hibernate for the winter?

We are planning on closing for the month of January, but we will not be snoozing!  There are lots of things we’ll need to accomplish during this month such as taking inventory, cleaning and polishing our floors, a few minor construction projects, and anything else that might pop up.  Our goal is to be back open on Saturday February 1st and we’ll be back to our winter/spring schedule of Wednesday through Sunday.


2) Are you going to have your annual year end sale?

Of course!  As most long time lovers of L&L know, the year has always closed with the entire store on sale during the final week of the year.  We will be closed for Christmas and also for the 26th.  The sale will start first thing when the doors open on Friday the 27th and will continue until the doors close on New Year’s Eve.  EVERYTHING will be 10% off, plus each day we’ll have the following items that you can get an extra 10% off of.

27th ~ Books

28th ~ Christmas items

29th ~Music

30th ~ T-Shirts

31st ~ Jewelry


This will be a fun way to finish off the year with a bang.  Merry Christmas everyone and we hope to see you before the New Year!

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