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Jul 04 2014

Augusta Rodeo…can’t wait until next year!



    Last weekend was nothing short of a blast.  It all started with our small town’s parade, and there was nothing small about it.  The streets were lined with people.  There were floats, kids, candy, and of course a LOT of patriotic spirit being shown.


IMG_1803These 2 were the grand marshals of the parade.  He’s a World War II vet and his wife is a long time member of the American Legion Auxiliary.  They are also my grandparents and just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  Aren’t they adorable?  🙂

IMG_1801Big Sky Pro Rodeo Queen, Lindsay Garpestad, was with us for the day.  I was so impressed with this young lady.












IMG_1867We even had animal extraordinaire Jack Hanna and his lovely wife Sue in our parade.  Jack shared with me that he only does two parades each year, the Rose Bowl Parade, and the Augusta, MT Rodeo Parade.  How cool is that?!

Rodeo action then got started on Sunday afternoon, and the competitors put on quite a show.


IMG_2053 IMG_2081 IMG_2142 IMG_2156


As I mentioned in the last post, this event has really turned into a family affair.  Here are some of my favorites.

IMG_2110 IMG_2060 IMG_2044 IMG_2018 IMG_1967 IMG_1900 IMG_2047

Thanks to the Legionnaires for a great weekend!

Jun 27 2014

Rodeo weekend is upon us

As I’ve grown up and met people from all over the state, the most common response I hear when people learn that I’m from Augusta is, “I’ve been to that rodeo!” or, “I’ve heard about that rodeo.”


The Augusta American Legion Rodeo is known as the wildest one day rodeo in the west.  Cowboys, cowgirls, and fans from all over the country come to our beautiful little town for an afternoon filled with wild rodeo action.  Vendors line the streets with fabulous food and street dances are held to the wee hours of morning.  It is so much fun.


This rodeo has been going on for a long long time and way back when, it was a WILD time.  I’ve seen pictures from the 60’s of people missing key items of clothing and others passed out on the sidewalk.  I’ve heard stories about snow plows being used to clear the streets of beer cans.  I also heard once about a truck pulling a horse trailer down main street and by the time he reached his turn off, the trailer had been filled with beer cans.  Because of this, I wasn’t even allowed to go to the rodeo until I was 14 years old.


Thankfully, times have changed and it is now very much a family event.  Our kiddos have gone since they were babies and love it.  I can’t get my son to sit still for 5 minutes, unless we’re at a rodeo.  His eyes are glued to the arena as he soaks up the action and dreams about riding his own bucking bull or horse someday.


I’ll be sure to take pictures and will post them after the big weekend.  Below is a list of some events that will be taking place.  We look forward to seeing you in Augusta this weekend!



1:00 Rodeo Parade on Main Street

3:00 Open House at Latigo & Lace

4:00 Lynne Heryford from Fairfield will be at L&L to sign copies of her cookbook “We’re Burnin’ Daylight”

5:00 Slack at the rodeo grounds


10:30 L&L is hosting an autograph session with Miss Rodeo Montana Laramie Pursley

2:00 Rodeo begins!

May 31 2014

Branding Season

One of my favorite spring activities on the ranch is branding.  It’s one of my hubby’s favorites too because it means the pairs can be turned out and he can finally stop having to feed each morning.

We still “kick it old school” and use ropers and wrestlers.  This means it takes a big crew but we can sure get lots of the little buggers done quickly.  Below are a few of my favorite pics from our brandings this year.






Pictures like the one above make me so grateful to live in Montana.






We’ll finish up with one of the next generation.  They can hardly wait for their turn.


Let me know if you have some branding pics that you’d like share.  Happy Spring!







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