Nov 12 2014

Wish Lists, Beautiful Ladies, and Guy’s Night

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Our Ladies’ Night held in September was LOTS of fun!  Thanks to all who came and made it a success.

     While visiting with some of the gals, I mentioned that my husband was giving me a hard time that we have never had a guy’s night at the store.  I had laughed at him, but the ladies insisted that he was right.  A guy’s night would be the perfect time for the guys to come and shop for the gals in their life, and Christmas is right around the corner!

So I am taking your advice ladies.  On Sunday afternoon on the 21st of December, we are hosting Guy’s Night at Latigo & Lace.  We’ll have plenty of manly snacks and drinks on hand, and we’ll be on here to do all the gift wrapping for them.  What does this mean for you?  It means you need to come to Latigo and complete a wish list so your guy knows exactly what you’d like for Christmas!  Over the next several weeks, we encourage you to come in and complete your wish list.  Every 10th person who comes in to do this will win a little gift!  Then make sure your guy comes to Latigo on December 21st to get you the Christmas gift you know you’ll love.

You are looking good girls!!










Sep 10 2014

Oh yes it’s Ladies Night…

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and the feeling’s right.  Oh yes it’s ladies night.  Oh what a – oh what a night.  Sorry, that’s my mother’s musical turrets syndrome coming through.


This Saturday starting at 5:00pm it is Ladies Night at Latigo & Lace.  As many of you might recall, last year was loads of fun… as you can see from the few pics below.





     This year, in addition to food and fun, we are focusing on jewelry.  We have lots of beautiful and unique pieces in the store that we are inviting you to wear for the evening!  Our photographer, Megan Barrett, will be on hand to take pictures.  With your permission, we’ll use these on our website to model our inventory.  Who better to show off our necklaces, bracelets, and earrings than our friends and family?!  Hope you can make it!

Jul 04 2014

Augusta Rodeo…can’t wait until next year!

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    Last weekend was nothing short of a blast.  It all started with our small town’s parade, and there was nothing small about it.  The streets were lined with people.  There were floats, kids, candy, and of course a LOT of patriotic spirit being shown.


IMG_1803These 2 were the grand marshals of the parade.  He’s a World War II vet and his wife is a long time member of the American Legion Auxiliary.  They are also my grandparents and just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  Aren’t they adorable?  🙂

IMG_1801Big Sky Pro Rodeo Queen, Lindsay Garpestad, was with us for the day.  I was so impressed with this young lady.












IMG_1867We even had animal extraordinaire Jack Hanna and his lovely wife Sue in our parade.  Jack shared with me that he only does two parades each year, the Rose Bowl Parade, and the Augusta, MT Rodeo Parade.  How cool is that?!

Rodeo action then got started on Sunday afternoon, and the competitors put on quite a show.


IMG_2053 IMG_2081 IMG_2142 IMG_2156


As I mentioned in the last post, this event has really turned into a family affair.  Here are some of my favorites.

IMG_2110 IMG_2060 IMG_2044 IMG_2018 IMG_1967 IMG_1900 IMG_2047

Thanks to the Legionnaires for a great weekend!

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